Hi, I'm an indie author from Prague, Bohemia.

Writing has been my greatest passion since childhood, along with the metaphysics and spirituality. I also find inspiration in history, legends, philosophy and my dreams and visions.

I believe that writing and creativity in general is a kind of a metaphysical communication. Many authors say that their muses, spirit guides, or guardian angels work with them and help them write. I couldn't agree more, and it keeps amazing me. Each time a story idea enters my mind, I feel that it came from a source incomprehensible to my senses. However, only once it aligns with my heart, am I able to start writing it. It truly feels like a channeling that is filtered through my perceptions, emotions, and experiences. And when the reader imagines the story in her or his own way, the true magic happens, as that is how the story stays alive.

Besides writing, I'm an avid researcher of ancient knowledge, sacred geometry, and magical symbols. I also do rune and tarot readings. I live in the countryside near Prague together with my partner, our crazy dog Meera and cats Thor and Odin.