The 11:11 Synchronicity, Runes, 

and the Cygnus

Over the past few years, I have begun to realize the deep connection between the runes, 11:11 synchronicity, and the Cygnus (Swan) constellation.
    I have often heard about the phenomenon of people continuously seeing number 11 sequences but never paid much attention to it until I had a personal experience. There are many interpretations in esoteric circles; some mystics consider it a sign from our spirit guides, others the symbol of a new spiritual path, but there are also those who call it the number of destiny. Our rational mind might even connect it to computers because they store data and perform calculations using only the binary system of zeros and ones.
    At some point in my life, I too started to see these numbers whenever I looked at my watch or clock and began to notice other synchronicities along with it. For example, I was guided to various articles and books about the Cygnus constellation, which is also called the Celestial Swan. I noticed right away that its shape actually resembles the rune Algiz (the rune's name actually means "swan") as well as the rune of the Irminsul, also known as the World Pillar or Tiwaz. The constellation’s central crossing reminded me of a third rune, Gebo, but more on that later.

Elder Futhark runes.

Irminsul - World Pillar

Research led me to the work of an author and researcher Andrew Collins who discovered that certain ancient sites like the mysterious Gobekli Tepe, the pyramids at Giza, Stonehenge, Avebury, and many more were aligned to the Cygnus constellation. According to Collins, the Celestial Swan was once seen as the sky portal through which souls travel after death. The constellation is located in the center of the Milky Way, the dark rift that was considered our celestial home by many ancient civilizations.

The Cygnus (Swan) constellation.

The constellation’s brightest star, Deneb, was actually the closest star to the North Pole around 15,770 BC and should again be our Pole Star in the future. The Deneb and Pole Star connection could tie in with the legendary Hyperborea, the mythical land of the ancient Greeks that lay beyond the north wind where the sun shines for twenty-four hours a day and where no one ages. Some Norse mystics consider Hyperborea to be the divine home of their ancestors and a source of all Norse wisdom and magic.
    Another interesting correlation is that on 21.12.2012 our sun aligned with the center of the Milky Way, thus with the Cygnus constellation, and many believe that was when a new era began for our planet. In recent years, there has been some fascinating activity connected to one of the Cygnus stars, KIC 8462852, also known as Tabby’s Star named after Tabetha Boyajian, the initial study’s lead author. The extreme and very frequent dimming of the star made some NASA researchers wonder whether there could be an extraterrestrial megastructure built around it. However, that’s not the only fascinating thing about the star.     Whatever orbits it has certain periodicities and these generate specific numbers, which apply to the Fibonacci sequence and Pascal’s triangle where the key number is 11. Moreover, every 121 days, the earth synchronizes with the star’s periodicity and each of these synchronizations is a multiple of the number 11.
    One day, as I contemplated the Cygnus constellation and the mystery of the number 11, something odd happened. I had a vision of the eight-pointed star breaking into four lines and rearranging itself into a simplified row of number 1 digits: 11:11. 
    I immediately wondered whether the 11:11 synchronicity could tie in with the symbolism of the eight-pointed star, which has been associated with divine protection by many ancient cultures.With time, I came to realize that there are more runic correlations to 11:11. Tiwaz was sometimes depicted as a symbol that resembles the number 1 and Laguz could be perceived as number 1 reversed. Simplified digits of 11 can also be seen in runes Eihwaz, Ehwaz, and Ansuz. 

Eight-pointed star - four simple lines - four number one digits.

Laguz/number 1 digit in Laguz, Eihwaz, Ansuz, and Ehwaz (from left).

It’s quite possible that the mystery of number 11 may not only be connected to the digits but also have symbolic and astronomical connotations. There could actually be a runic message in the 11:11 synchronicity: 
    Rune Laguz stands for the water element and the celestial waters, therefore the universe could possibly be connected to the dark rift as well. Rune Eihwaz points to the Tree and the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Rune Ehwaz is the symbol of a celestial vehicle and the light body known as the Merkaba.
    The shape of the Cygnus constellation, which resembles runes Algiz and Tiwaz, could reveal even deeper meanings: Rune Algiz literally means “swan” and symbolizes our divine potential and spiritual guidance. Tiwaz is a rune of justice, courage, and the World Pillar. Both of these runes have been regarded as symbols of the Tree of Life.
    The central crossing of the constellation evokes rune Gebo, which is considered a gift from the gods and represents the unity between all beings, spheres, and worlds in the Tree of Life. And lastly, that brings us to the eight-pointed star, a symbol of spiritual guidance and protection, but also the Tree of Life where the eight points represent the eight worlds of the Norse Tree of Life viewed from the middle point or the middle world. And what’s the unified message of all these runes? I leave the answer up to you...