We are all alchemists with amnesia is a line from this book that encapsulates the theme of the fictional, partly channelled story.

Liza (28) goes through an inner crisis. She’s consumed by heartbreak, finds her work unfulfilling and feels like she is sleepwalking through life. That’s why when she receives a mysterious invitation to a Spiritual Alchemy seminar, she accepts the challenge, and sets out on a soul-searching journey. She begins to meet with her secretive, ethereal teacher and twelve other men, each representing one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. While conversing with them, she learns about alchemy, astrology and mainly about what it means to grow into her true self.

This novel was partly based on a channelled conversation with angel Gabriel.


“Written beautifully and with real gems of wisdom strewn about.” – Jana Petken, author

"Novels are supposed to present a novel inspiration-Alchemist Awakening does just that. Each chapter nourished my mind and soul. The novel inspiration struck suddenly: we are all alchemists with amnesia, an ever changing, ever constant spiral of continual awakening. This is a soulful read." – Paul DeBlassie, author 

"There is so much information packed into this book but the way it is done is what really impressed me. It's not like a text book, this is a beautiful rich fictional experience where you learn what Liza knows as well as what she discovers. I loved that her journey traveled through the zodiac and people related to that in a way that was mysterious yet natural."  – Lucretia Stanhope, author

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