Art by Ivana Axman.

    The Priestess of the Fifth Element may help you to focus on your divine purpose and mission in life.

    While in Western society, the basic elements have always been recognised as four, in most Eastern cultures there are five. The fifth mysterious element is usually called the ether or Akasha, and like the union of the cross, it’s the central element from which all the other elements derive. It’s the main driving force behind the passion of the fire, the emotion of the water, the stability of the ground and the changeability of the air. And in our lives, the fifth element could be considered the divine spark, the spark that makes us unique.

    A symbol that helps in realising and embracing one’s fifth element is the pentagram. Many ancient cultures regarded the pentagram as a very powerful symbol of protection and some even considered it the pattern from which all creation derived.

In ancient Greece, the fifth Platonic solid associated with the fifth element was the dodecahedron, a three-dimensional object made of pentagonal shapes.

    If you wish to attune to your fifth element, try calling upon your higher self and your spirit guides or angels, as well as the deities who help us realise our soul’s mission such as Saint Germain, archangels Michael, Metatron, Raziel and Gabriel, the goddess Guan Yin and the gods Zeus, Thor, Odin, Ganesh, and many more.


    Seek a calm, quiet place for this ritual. You will also need a piece of paper and a pen, a branch, a pebble or a stone that you can easily draw on. Try to put your worries and thoughts to rest. When you are feeling relaxed, utter either in your mind or aloud:

“Please, my higher self, my spirit guides (and/or the names of the other deities you want to work with), help me embrace and understand my true purpose and mission in this life I’m living. Please send me messages in the form of thoughts, visions, ideas or dreams.”

     Now try to focus on your ‘within’. Try to be open to any thoughts, ideas, feelings or visions that may come to you now, and note them down. If nothing comes, simply continue with the ritual, because the messages may come to you later that day or in your dreams. Continue uttering either in your mind or aloud:

“Please, my higher self, my spirit guides (and/or other deities you want to work with), guide me to a deeper understanding of my fifth element. Please guide me to places, situations and people who are beneficial on my path in this lifetime. Thank you.
I now decide to remain true to my innermost self and purpose.”

     Draw a pentagram on the piece of wood, stone or pebble, and utter:

“I hereby charge this talisman with the power of the pentagram. Pentagram, please guide me to my higher self’s wisdom. Let me see its uniqueness and divine purpose. Thank you.”

Keep the talisman with you from now on, and place it under your pillow at night for prophetic dreams regarding your fifth element.