Art by Ivana Axman.

Have you been experiencing any big changes lately? Have you been feeling lost or shaken by outer influences which you can’t seem to be in control of? Or do you, on the contrary, desire a change? Have you been feeling stuck in a situation, relationship or place and long to change the direction?

The Priestess of the Air Element can help you take charge and face the changes with a brave, honest heart. She can help you gather the courage and confidence to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, as well as find peace and comfort while you keep the wheels of your fortune spinning. 

It could be beneficial for you to work with the crossed triangle, which is the alchemical symbol for the air element, the octahedron and a spiral, which reminds us that there are endless possibilities within and without. The deities who may be of a wonderful guidance to you now are archangels Michael and Gabriel, gods Hermes and Ganesh, breeze nymph Aurai or Celtic wind god Borrum, and many others including your spirit guides.


Ideally, perform this ritual when the moon is in an air sign such as Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

You’ll need a peaceful, quiet location, a pen and a piece of paper, and also something that represents the air element such as a feather or an incense stick.

Firstly, light up the incense and/or hold the object, which represents the air element. With the other hand, draw the following symbols (the crossed triangle pointing up, which is the alchemical symbol for the air element, and rune Raidho):

When you feel relaxed and ready, utter either in your mind or aloud:

“I, (your name), call upon you, (the name of the deity or deities you want to work with), and from the depth of my heart ask you to help me with the upcoming/ongoing changes in my life.
May the changes be beneficial for me and all those who are involved in them.
May I find the courage and power to adapt to new ways of living or thinking.
Thank you, air element, thank you, (the name of the deity or deities you want to work with).”

Keep the paper with you for as long as you like, until you feel that you have undergone the important changes in your life.