Art by Ivana Axman

Have you been struggling against someone or something? Have you been giving away your power for the sake of others? 
The Priestess of Inner Power can help you be in charge of the profound, magical inner strength. You can achieve miracles if you stand up for yourself and those you love. You are your own little god and goddess, and you have the power to think and act for yourself. You don’t need anyone’s approval, guidance or blessing. Your higher self knows best what is good for you. And this priestess wants to help you attune to that amazing energy.

The key to your inner power is your higher self – the you that spreads beyond your ego and limitations. You may experience it when you meditate or before you go to sleep, as that’s when your mind is most attuned to it. The sign of sensing the presence of your higher self is feeling larger, or having a sensation of being either above, below or around yourself.

Symbols that will help you attune to your higher self are the Triskelion, the Seed of Life, and runes Algiz and Tiwaz (also known as Tyr). Yellow, golden and white light help as well. The deities who help with inner growth and power are archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Metatron, the goddesses Brigid, Athena and Guan Yin,  gods Odin and Ganesh, ascended master Merlin and others.


Ideally, perform this ritual during the waxing moon. For this ritual, you’ll need a peaceful, quiet place, a pen and a piece of paper. Firstly, draw one or all of the following symbols (the Seed of Life and runes Algiz and Tiwaz):

While holding the piece of paper with the inscribed symbols, utter either in your mind or aloud:

“I, (your name), hereby welcome and balance my inner power. I call upon my higher self to shine its wisdom through the earthly me. I’m ready to open my heart to my inner power, now and forever.

Please, (the deity or deities you want to work with), help me attune to the vastness of my inner power, so that I become the free creator of my life that I was born to be. May I remain strong, honest and courageous on my journey through this lifetime.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Keep the paper with the inscribed symbols with you for as long as you like. Look at it whenever you find yourself doubting your inner power, wisdom or abilities.