Art by Ivana Axman

Have you been having problems with someone? Have you had troubling arguments, disagreements or misunderstandings? Or perhaps you are struggling against yourself in some way? Have you been feeling angry with yourself? Are there some things you can’t let go of? Do you feel regret, guilt, or anger?

Either way, the Priestess of Forgiveness is can help you to take a deep look within and ask yourself the following question: Who do I need to forgive?

It may be you or someone else, even someone from one of your past lives. If that is the case, and you know about it, try performing the Priestess of Karma ritual first.
Nevertheless, it’s time to let go of all hurts, let-downs, disagreements or judgements because it seems to be necessary for your current situation.

Green and pink tones help with forgiveness, as well as the Vesica Piscis, the Seed of Life, the Flower of Life and the hexagon and hexagram.

Deities who provide a wonderful guidance in this regard are Clementia, Guan Yin, Ganesh, Buddha, archangels Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, and many others including your spirit guides.


Ideally, perform this ritual during a full or waning moon. You’ll need a peaceful, quiet place, an open heart and mind, a pen and a piece of paper. On the piece of paper, draw one or both of the following symbols (the coalesced circles - Vesica Piscis and the Seed of Life):

While holding the paper, pronounce:

“I, (your name), now open my mind and heart to forgiveness (try to feel it not just say it).
I forgive (the person you want to forgive or yourself).
I forgive (all the wrongs you can think of).
I let it all go, because I know that the more grudges I keep, the more painful it is for me and me only.
Please, (the name of the deity or deities you want to work with), help me release the painful emotions (anything you’re feeling at the moment such as guilt, regret, anger etc).
Please cleanse my physical, mental and spiritual bodies now.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Keep the piece of paper with you for as long as you like. You may want to place it under your pillow at night to continue cleansing your heart and mind during sleep. You could have dreams connected to this problem or issue the following night. Note the dreams down, as there may be a hidden message for you in them.