The runes are sacred, magical codes of nature. 

Each letter is a profound symbol, and together they represent a mystical language of the spirit. Once we begin to understand this intuitive method of communication, the runes will become wise guides to us on our path through life and possibly even lead to a spiritual awakening. As we become more aware of their symbolism, we will start to receive their guidance by seeing one rune or a set of runes in nature or by frequently noticing symbols and archetypes that represent them. The most common places to receive a spontaneous runic reading are forests, woods, and natural parks because the runes are bound to the ethereal concept of the Tree of Life also known as the World Tree or axis mundi.

Examples of runes in grass stalks, straw, branches, stones, trees, and roots. 

The exciting part is that the runes don’t just deliver important messages; they also offer magical solutions. Like any alphabet, they are there to be read, written, spoken, and shared. We may work with this magical alphabet not only for the purpose of divination but also for manifestation. They offer a way to solve a given issue or attract something that we desire. If we understand the runes, then we can write them, speak them, and even stand in their power by performing the runic postures and attracting their energy into our space for a specific purpose.

The beginning of your runic adventure may start with your own original set of runes. It’s best to create them yourself by inscribing them on natural material such as pebbles, pieces of wood, or chestnuts, or even draw them on pieces of paper and create cards. This ensures that your energy blends with that of the material, which will carry these sacred symbols and ensure a good bond. Runic divination can be performed in various ways. Randomly pulling a few runes from a sack, throwing branches, or pulling cards are all equally effective. 

Besides pulling runes, you could also take a walk through a forest, park, field, or meadow, and look out for certain rune(s) on your path. Runes can often be spotted in trees and tree branches as well as in grass, straw, random wooden sticks and stones, and various combinations of these. Runes are inherently present in nature, and once our consciousness opens up to their guidance, we begin to notice them everywhere. If we know their symbolism, they communicate and deliver messages both to the unconscious and conscious mind. It is solely up to us in which way we allow them to manifest.

Once we become more familiar with the runes and their symbolism, we can begin to understand the messages they carry. For example, if we keep seeing rune Fehu, it can mean that some well-paid work or good financial opportunities are ahead. Runic combinations deliver more concrete messages, so spotting Fehu and Kenaz could be interpreted as “creative work with good financial rewards or a creative way to approach finances.” On the other hand, Naudhiz and Fehu could read as “you need to focus more or less on your finances.” Intuition is the key here as each person reads their runic messages in their own unique way.

What is most fascinating about the runes is that while they can be used as fortune-telling tools, they are mainly magical symbols. The runes don’t only provide answers; they also offer solutions. They help with affirmations, manifestation, and even alchemy. To give an example, while Laguz guides us to focus on our emotions, working with it may help us undergo profound emotional healing. And Raidho may not only herald an important journey, but it might also help us pursue this in the most beneficial way.

Nevertheless, like all forms of magic, runes come with a warning: If we approach them with generally positive and kind intentions, they will work for us, but if we use them for selfish or wicked purposes, they start working against us. Runes, like other magical symbols, are generally neutral. It all depends on how they are approached. If someone willingly wishes to do harm, the law of action and reaction will bring forth repercussions sooner or later. The philosophy of cause and effect applies to everything, including runic magic. If we are not certain about how pure our intention is, it’s best to start each runic prophecy or manifestation with the following affirmation: “May it happen only if it’s for the benefit of everyone involved.”

For attracting the energy of certain runes into our lives, it’s best to visualize, draw, or chant them and perform runic postures, ideally combining all these methods for the most favorable result.


Examples of runic postures that attract the magic of the individual runes into our energy field.

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