I have been curious about the Elder Futhark alphabet since my early twenties, but as I began to study Sacred Geometry, my interest in it has even deepened. (All the Runes can actually be derived from the Sacred Geometry symbol called the Flower of Life - see the video above.) 
And once I started working with the runes, I have begun to notice them all around me. They have become my faithful friends and advisors, and have been a great inspiration for my novels, particularly The Witch Within and The Goddess Within.

The Runes opened a whole new world to me, a world I have become addicted to since, as these symbols communicate so well if you’re attentive to their sacred language.

The following descriptions are a combination of my findings and channelings with my spirit guides. They are not complete, as I believe that the mystery of runes is something to be revealed bit by bit throughout one’s life. They are also alive and expansive, on their own level of consciousness and they may communicate to each individual differently, depending on their unique spirit and mission.

I found that to chant the letters, draw them, look at them, visualize them, or practice Runic Yoga (you position your body in the shape of the rune), are all equally beneficial ways of connecting with the runic power. Also, using the so-called bind runes - the combination of different runes and other symbols is very powerful. For best results possible, I think it’s good to try all of the methods mentioned above and see what works best for you.

When performing a runic ritual, moon phases should be taken into account as well. Waxing moon phase is wonderful for attaining, while waning moon phase is best for releasing. But I always remember to choose my wishes and affirmations carefully, as you reap what you sow...

What I love most about the runic divination is that each rune you pick actually holds a solution to the issues you are currently dealing with. Working with them helps you more than the reading itself. That’s why the following text is my interpretation of how the Runes may benefit you, rather than what they mean in an individual reading, as that tends to vary.


Rune Hagalaz is the key to all the other Runes (see picture). It’s closely linked to the symbolism and the mystery of the six-rayed-star, Merkaba and the Seed of Life.

It’s a very powerful symbol, which provides help and support in troubles or worrisome issues. Hagalaz enhances the power of the other runes and assists you when you need to reach your within. It helps you stay in touch with your heavenly origins and God. It can guide you to your inner wisdom, creativity, and the mystery behind all existence. That being said, it can also assist you when tapping into the Akashic records for advice.
When you’re dealing with an important life change or more to say, when you are ready for one, Hagalaz can also be of great help. I’ve experienced miracles happen when working with this rune. And if Archangel Michael or some other mighty deity is called upon, it enhances its magic even more.

Note: This rune helped and inspired me when I was writing my debut novel, the Witch Within as well as the stand-alone sequel The Goddess Within.

Rune Fehu can help with achieving more stability and with grounding oneself. It helps you connect that which is above with that which is below. It’s a rune of creating or manifesting what was thought-out and planned before. It attracts money, wealth and career opportunities. It may also help you find a new home.
I have a good experience with Fehu. I often work with it when I have money worries. If the situation isn’t connected to some inner blockages that need to be dealt with first, it works miracles! It’s especially beneficial when Archangel Ariel, Uriel, Michael, or Gabriel is called upon for assistance, as well as some other deity that helps with stability, grounding, and money related issues.

Rune Uruz is a powerful healing symbol, especially when used with the help of Archangel Raphael, Haniel, goddess Aine, or other deities associated with healing. It’s connected to the elementals, fairies, and animals. It can help you connect to their natural healing abilities - that’s why it’s a wonderful symbol to work with during shamanic rituals.
It helps you improve your overall health in body, soul, and spirit, particularly if there aren’t other inner issues that need to be resolved first. But nevertheless, meditating upon it may actually give you guidance to how to fix those issues.
It naturally releases psychological blockages, addictions, and charges your body and soul with vitality and strength. This is so because Uruz assists with achieving harmony between the body, mind and spirit. This rune is also very beneficial if you need to attune to your body language. It may be quite rewarding to work with it when you’re fasting, dieting, or if you need to deal with some beauty issues.

Rune Laguz is another powerful healing rune. It’s attuned to the water element and therefore is wonderful for cleansing, detoxifying the organism, but also the chakras, heart, mind, soul and spirit. It helps with getting rid of harsh energies, stress, worries, fears and all kinds of negative emotions. I’d recommend working with this rune near some body of water, or at least imagining water or listening to the water sounds while working with it, as it enhances its purifying power even more. Also, I’d call upon deities that help with healing such as Archangel Raphael, Haniel or goddess Aine.

Rune Sowilo is the sun rune of light and fire. It’s an extremely powerful symbol that grants us creative inspiration, strength, and success. It intensifies one’s will and therefore should be, just like all the other runes and magical symbols, used very wisely. The thought of what you sow you reap is truly connected to this one. If it were to be used for negative purposes, it would come around like a boomerang. Whenever I affirm or wish for something, I remember to start with: If it’s for the benefit of me and everyone involved, please…
From what I’ve learned about it, Sowilo is a wonderful sigil to work with when you need to empower yourself. It’s a particularly good helper when it comes to career, as well as life-mission, and spiritual enlightenment. It helps you remember your own godliness and creative power. If used with the assistance of Archangel Michael, Ariel or Uriel, it ensures protection for you and others involved. Try to tune into the wisdom of the sun when working with it.

Rune Tiwaz is a rune that represents an archetypal warrior, the strength of your spirit. It’s connected to the power of your mind and so it works miracles when you need to better your concentration or keep your mind focused on a plan, a vision or a project. It also helps you attain courage. With its guidance, you can empower the hero or heroine within, the one that walks proud and strong, in tune with his/her life journey. It may also assist you with finding your life purpose or mission. It often brings unexpected solutions to problems and worries, as it gives your mind more clarity. Archangel Michael, Ganesha or Shiva, Artemis or Diana may help well with this one, as well as any other deity that is connected to heroism and willpower.

Rune Kenaz means torch, the fire element in human hands, and symbolises human creativity. That’s why Kenaz is a guardian of artists, craftsmen and other people who work with their creativity. Kenaz helps with all kinds of artistic projects – it enhances the drive to start them, the will to manifest them and the diligence to complete them. Depending on what you create, different deities can assist you with Kenaz's magical power. For help with creative writing, Archangel Gabriel or Hermes could be called upon, for music Archangel Sandalphon, and for painting or fine arts Archangel Jophiel.

Note: I use this rune as my pseudonym because it gives me the fire-element that I need (fire is not very strong in my astrological chart, so I’m always happy to bring it into my life.)

Rune Perthro is the rune of destiny. It guides us to a better understanding of our unique life mission and teaches us how to best live it. It also assists us with karma-related issues and debts. In fact, it may help you if you need to cleanse your karma, but only if you’re willing to forgive yourself and others, and honestly want to release all negative patterns from your past.
This symbol is connected to the subconscious and you can have important life-changing dreams if you visualize it before going to sleep.
It speaks in symbols and pictures, so be aware and pay attention to some unique sightings or visions while working with it. For assistance with Perthro, I call upon my spirit guides or Archangel Michael, but any deity that helps with karma and destiny can provide a wonderful guidance to understand it better for your own unique purposes.

Rune Berkana is the goddess rune, a symbol representing Mother Earth and the divine feminine principle. It can help you empower your inner goddess if you’re a woman or the female archetype if you’re a man. It may also help with mother-related issues as well as some unresolved problems or karmic ties with some female (for best results in family-related problems, try working with the ancestry Runes such as Ansuz and Othala as well.)
It can be also helpful if you need to make peace with some neglected, suppressed or overpowering feminine archetype. Try calling upon any goddess you feel attuned to when working with this Rune. I like to pray to Quan Yin or Aine.

Note: This Rune is particularly dear to me, as it was a key inspiration to my most recent novel, the Goddess Within. 

Rune Ingwaz is a god Rune, one that is connected to the divine masculine principle. It may help you attune to your masculine powers if you’re a man or masculine archetype if you’re a woman. I think it’s most beneficial if dealing with some father-related problems or cleansing a relationship with some man. It can be also helpful if you need to make peace with some neglected, suppressed or overpowering masculine archetype. Any god deity or Ascended Master you feel attuned to can help you when working with this rune. I like to call upon Archangel Michael, Metatron, Jesus or Shiva. 

Rune Eihwaz (Ihwar) is a very mysterious rune symbolically connected to the beginnings and ends. It’s a symbol that represents inner transformation. It can help you greatly when you are about to make big changes in your life, or if you need to make an important decision regarding some beginning/end related situation.It may also assist you when you need to make peace with the past in order to start anew. It’s a Rune of endless possibilities, ceaseless endings and begins. This rune’s power can be enhanced even more if Archangel Michael, Ganesha or other deity that helps with changes and transformation is called upon for guidance.

I found Algíz to be the most protective of all the runes. I often imagine it drawn over myself or my beloved ones whenever I feel that some negative influences are near. Algíz really has the power to shield you against harsh energies, no matter if they were caused by your own thoughts or the thought of others. It resembles a human figure with arms spread apart and reminds us of a sorcerer or a sorceress imploring the heavens for guidance. I worked with Algíz a lot when I was writing my debut novel, the Witch Within, and I even named the heroine’s spirit guide after it.

It truly is a mighty symbol that helps cleansing all that is ill or destructive. It may also assist you when you need to rid yourself of curses or bad karma. And working with it will be even more powerful when Archangel Michael, Ganesha or other protective deity is called upon for guidance.

Rune Gebo symbolizes a gift, mainly a divine gift of romantic love. It represents the Sacred Marriage phenomenon, the spiritual coalescence between the masculine and the feminine archetypes, as well as any other form of dualities. It helps balancing troublesome oppositions into a harmonious unity.
This rune is very beneficial if you want to attract a romantic relationship, or when experiencing some issues in an already existing one. However, be very careful to always ask that your wishes and affirmations are beneficial for everyone involved.
It’s a Rune of passion, but not only sensual, it’s mainly about passion for life and one's life mission. Archangel Chamuel may assist you with Gebo when performing a romantic love-related magic, but you can also call upon different deities, depending on what your intention is.

Rune Ansuz is a wonderful sigil to work with if you’re trying to connect with your divine family. We all have one, some of us are even lucky enough to meet a few of the members during this lifetime, but sometimes they wait for us on the other side. They are our soul mates or kindred spirits and may come from outer space or even from different dimensions. This rune also represents ancestry, guardian ancestors, guardian angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other deities. Like Algiz, Ansuz symbolizes protection and guidance from your spirit family and spirit guides. It helps you connect with them better and also shields you from all negative interferences while doing so.
With the help of this rune you may sense the presence of your departed loved ones or angels more intensely. It’s also very beneficial to use this rune during channelings or any form of divination. Try calling upon a deity you feel most attuned with to assist you with this sigil. I’d call Archangel Michael for an even stronger protection.

While Ansuz is considered the rune of your spiritual family, departed loved ones or guardian angels, Othala is more connected to the kin itself, meaning ancestry, genetics or karma within your family line. You may want to work with this one to unblock, or release some burdensome family issues or problems that are waiting to be solved. Your beloved ancestor(s) on the other side can help you the most with this rune as well as the archangels such as Michael or Raphael. You may actually deal with all kinds of ancestral issues if you use this rune as a portal to your kin’s ancient library.

I found Thurisaz to be quite loyal to its meaning – Thorn - as it is a greatly protective rune. It works miracles when it comes to shielding yourself from harsh, negative, and ill energies. The Thurisaz stadha (Runic Yoga position) is basically standing with your hand on your hip, which perfectly shows the power of this rune – standing strong against intruders, enemies, or energies you dislike.
Thurisaz gives you the power to stand your ground. It protects you against manipulation and lying. It also brings whizz of fresh air into uncomfortable situations and conflicts. Archangel Michael, Ganesha or other highly protective deity may help you attain an even better shield against negativity when you’re working with this mighty rune.

Mannaz is a relationship Rune, as well as a sigil representing humanity. It can help you balance issues or problems in any relationship, as it helps you attain harmony with others. It could be very useful if you need to better your relationship with someone, or if you need to make peace with your human nature. The magic of this Rune can be even more intensified if a deity that supports humanity such as Jesus, Quan Yin, or one of the Ascendant Masters is called upon for guidance.

Naudhiz means need and it truly helps you when you’re in need of help. This Rune usually comes up in a reading if you’re feeling anxious or worried about something. It’s very beneficial to work with it if you wish to regain balance and composure. It harmonizes all that is disharmonized. It can also be of great help if you need to achieve a better focus, as it helps you attain tranquillity and inner peace. Try calling upon your spirit guides or favourite deities for assistance with this Rune. Archangels Haniel, Michael or Raphael work best for me, as their presence is so soothing.

Raidho can be a wonderful friend and guide when you’re traveling somewhere or if you’re dealing with foreign relations. It may protect you on your trips as well as help you with career-related endeavors. It’s mainly a symbol of life journey and life purpose. That’s why it can help you discover your hidden talents and unique potential. It’s also very beneficial to work with Raidho during some important mission, particularly if you’re about to start a new project, or if you are on a spiritual journey. It assists greatly with travel, spiritual work, career and self-education. And Archangels Ariel, Uriel or Michael may enhance its power even more.

Ehwaz is also a travel-related Rune, but its essence is about the metaphysical kind of trips. It’s good to work with it when you’re on an inner journey, like when you’re exploring your past lives or perhaps need assistance with a spirit-travel to other dimensions. Ehwaz is closely linked to the World Tree - the Yggdrasil, and represents a horse or a vehicle, that may carry you into different realms and realities. I still explore the power of this rune, so I can’t write more about it yet, but from what I’ve learned recently, Ehwaz may be a synonym to the Merkaba – the light body that we use to travel inter-dimensionally. Deities such as Archangel Michael and Raphael may really help you with this Rune and protect you during one of such inner journeys, trances or deep meditations.

Wunjo is a very positive luck symbol. If you see it somewhere in nature, dreams or visions, it means that great happiness and joy is coming your way. It may help you attain tranquility and peace, as it balances mood switches and chases away all negativity. It’s a wonderful symbol to draw, visualize, chant, or perform if you want to achieve a positive mindset, or when you find yourself in a sudden crisis and need to keep your thoughts on the bright side. It can guide you on the right path when you need a good luck with something. Any deity you find most joyful can assist you with this rune’s magic. I’d call upon Ganesha or Buddha, as they exude such happiness and peace.

Ís is the most centering Rune. It helps you achieve a better focus and concentration when you meditate or simply need to center yourself. It’s a wonderful friend when exploring one’s psyche and heart chakra. It may assist you very well with realizing something about yourself or release possible blockages that keep you from reaching your within. It could be also depicted as a central point instead of a straight line, as it represents the eternal now and the part of your being that is always still and peaceful. This symbol reminds us that our wise inner guide is the best advisor. Your higher self, spirit guides and angels can assist you with this rune’s magic and will help you tap into your own individual uniqueness.

Jera is connected to the natural cycles but also the cycles in our lives. It reminds us of the powerful motion behind everything. It can help you with issues that are related to certain stages or parts of some greater cycles, for example, a specific phase of a project you’ve been working on. This sigil honours each small cycle as an irrevocable part of the greater one and respects its natural flow. It’s also a Rune of changes and shifts, that’s why it’s very beneficial to work with it when you’re facing important changes in your life, particularly if you are entering a new phase in some long-term journey, project or a relationship. It helps bring motion where there’s stagnancy and changes things to the better. It’s also very useful to work with this Rune while performing some seasonal rituals. Archangel Michael or any deity that assists with life changes can provide wonderful assistance with this rune.

Dagaz is too considered a symbol of natural cycles in life, but it represents the daily cycles of the sun rather than the long-term yearly ones. It can help you greatly if you’re working with the sun energy or the phases of the moon, particularly when performing some sun or moon rituals.
Dagaz reminds us that each day is a little life on its own, a miracle that should be treated with love and respect. It helps us feel grateful for the moments and glimpses in our lives that we often tend to take for granted, for example, the fact that the sun comes up and sets, or that the moon shines on our paths during the nights and so on...
It’s also very beneficial to work with this rune if you need assistance with some daily routines and responsibilities. Thanks to this rune’s power, you may naturally incorporate them into your life, so that you are more productive and happier each and every day.
The sun and moon archangels, Uriel and Haniel, may guide you to a better understanding of this Rune, as well as Jesus, Apollo, Hekate or Diana.