Art by Ivana Axman

Have you been dealing with something that one of your ancestors relates to and understands? Or are there certain gifts or abilities that stem from your ancestry, and which you are trying to connect with? The Priestess of Ancestry can help you to connect with your ancestors, ancestral heritage or a specific deceased member of your kin who wants to deliver an important message.

Another issue that the Priestess of Ancestry can help you with are ancestral karmic issue(s) which need(s) to be lifted. If you feel that this is the case, then besides the Priestess of Ancestry ritual, try the Priestess of Karma ritual as well.

Symbols that help with connecting to our ancestors, spiritual heritage and roots are Vesica Piscis and runes Ansuz and Othala. The symbols of the moon may assist you when connecting to the female ancestors, and the sun symbols when connecting to the male ancestors.

The deities who help in this regard are your personal spirit guides because many of them could be your deceased family members. However, to assure protection from unwelcome influences or negative spirits during this ritual, ask a protective deity to be by your side, shielding you. Try calling upon archangel Michael, gods Ganesh, Perun, Thor, or other powerful, beneficial deities.


For this ritual, you’ll need a peaceful, quiet place, a notebook or a diary, a pen and a piece of paper.

If you know the identity of the ancestor you wish to connect with, and have some of his or her belongings, then keep some of the objects by your side during this ritual.

Also, if you have received a gift from a beloved ancestor who could protect you during this ritual, then keep it with you the whole time. Once ready and relaxed, utter either in your mind or aloud:

“I, (your name), call upon you, (name one or more of the protective deities and your spirit guides), and ask you to please protect me from all negative entities, spirits and influences from my past, present and future. May only positive spirits come to help and guide me now.”

Then take the prepared piece of paper and draw the following symbols (runes Ansuz and Othala):

When ready, hold the paper in your hands, and close your eyes. Let go of all worries, and try to focus your attention within. Imagine the symbols on the paper if you can’t keep your mind focused, as they will help you. Then ask either in your mind or aloud:

“My dear ancestors, 
what is it that I should know?”

Pay attention to anything that happens from then on. You could have visions, memories, thoughts or special feelings. Note everything down in your notebook or diary, including the things that may seem random and unimportant.

You may feel a cold or warm sensation in your body, or experience tingling in your limbs, which indicates that you have an ancestor by your side helping you. Don’t be alarmed, because if you have asked for protection before, this is a benevolent spirit. Thank the ancestor(s) before ending the ritual.

If you experience nothing, try this ritual before going to sleep. The answers could come to you in your dreams or immediately upon awakening, when your mind is still at peace. Keep the paper with the drawn symbols by your side for as long as you like.