Art by Ivana Axman

The Priestess of Self-Acceptance can help you embrace who you truly are, with all your flaws and virtues. There’s no reason to hide your true self from others or even from yourself. You deserve to be recognised for your unique personality along with your desires, emotions and feelings. Whatever has been holding you back will no longer hold any power over you if you decide to truly be you.

Sometimes we may not even realise that we are suppressing ourselves. It could be that we’ve become so accustomed to acting out certain roles that we have, in fact, forgotten who we really are. It’s nice to be liked by other people and accepted by society, however, we can never satisfy everybody. There’s always someone who could dislike you, no matter how kind you are to them.

It’s certainly daunting to step out of your protective shell and show the world your true self, but there comes a time when it’s simply a necessity, and that time might be now.

For boosting your confidence and accepting your true self, try working with the Celtic triple spiral symbols. They harmonise the higher self and your masculine and feminine archetypes, as well as the higher self and the dark and bright sides. Such trinities hold the secrets to self-acceptance.

You may also find it beneficial to call upon your higher self and spirit guides, as well as some of the ascended masters such as Buddha, Enoch, Guan Yin, Jesus, Saint Germain, Saint Francis, Hermes or Thoth, and many more.


For this ritual, you will need a peaceful, quiet place as well as an open mind and heart. Once you are relaxed in the here and the now, utter either in your mind or aloud:

“I, (your name), call upon my higher self, my spirit guides and (the name of the deity or deities you want to work with).
Please help me embrace my true self along with the following: my character, personality, spirit and soul with all its fragments, colours, brightness and darkness, all past and present thoughts, deeds and desires.
I accept everything I have ever done, said, strived or longed for. I take full responsibility for my self and am ready to face my true self now.”

Take a moment to think about your past, especially things that make you feel proud or not proud about yourself. Acknowledge them and either try to praise or forgive yourself.

If you find it hard to really forgive yourself with your heart, try it at least with the power of your mind. When you feel ready, continue uttering:

“I am ready to let my true self shine through every day and every night of my life.
I’m ready to face my true feelings, emotions and desires. I accept that some people may not like or agree with some parts of me, but I am ready and willing to take the risk. I am ready to speak my truth and let my true character shine through. From now on, I am ready to accept all split fragments of my personality that have separated from me, because I was ashamed of them or upset with them.
I balance my higher self with the light and the dark side and with the feminine and masculine archetypes. I accept my core, my innermost trinity.
Thank you, (names of the spirit guides and/or deity or deities), for helping me accept myself with all the various colours I have, now and forever.”

Perform this ritual whenever you feel that you are distancing yourself from who you truly are.