This story came to me during a channelling I did for someone dear to me. It happened during the time of Great Moravia.

First, I followed the story of an unidentified commander at the dawn of an unspecified battle. The commander was well established and respected by the locals during his time and thereby made himself a good living in the town. Because of his muscular physique and charm, many women desired to win his heart, but the commander never took a wife. He was devoted to his mission of protecting the region from the Eastern invasion and decided that he should have only that as the main focus in his life.

Then I found myself deeper in the countryside near a limestone cave, which most locals didn’t dare to approach. They believed that a sinister witch inhabited it, a witch whose face was so repugnant that one could faint upon seeing her. They believed she was wickedly bitter and feared her hexes. Local women worried she would be jealous of their beauty, and men were anxious about losing their wives, so they never even glanced in the direction of the cave when passing by.

Little did they know that the person who lived in the cave was actually a golden-hearted young woman who was born with a facial deformity. However, this physical curse was counter-balanced by her unique abilities: She had the gift of foresight and was also able to communicate with her ancestors, who gave her advice and guidance. They had been her only friends ever since her parents hid her away in the cave. 

Her parents were right to be afraid for her life, as people were cruel when it came to infant deformity. In order to protect her, their visits were rare. They usually stopped by only to bring her fresh food and other necessities. They also spread terrifying rumours about her cave, as they wanted people to stay away from it, and therefore keep her safe from their vile ignorance. They knew that nobody would understand her; she was simply too different and too gentle for the world she was born into.

The woman’s name was Nakishka. It was a rather unusual name, but her family came from abroad, and in the land of their origin it was actually quite common. Her name meant ‘she who doesn’t fear the rain’, and Nakishka didn’t fear it. In fact, she was very fond of it. She used to go out even during thunderstorms, as she believed the fire bolts were a source of great psychic power. It was during one of these storms that a group of would-be priestesses noticed her. They witnessed how she spread her arms, welcomed the storm and talked to it. They found themselves amazed by her fearlessness and watched as she received messages from her ancestors. The women didn’t understand the foreign language, but from then on they took a great interest in this strange loner.

The four would-be priestesses practiced magic and worshipped their goddess, but had no actual spiritual abilities. This was because what they learned was only partially true and effective, and was mainly rooted in dark magic. They were not afraid of using tools such as sexual and emotional manipulation or deceit. The goddess they prayed to was created by the power of their mind, but they had no idea who she was, and thought her to be Gaia, the Mother Earth. This phantom goddess roamed their spirits, whispering sinister ideas each time they connected with her. 

Nakishka, on the other hand, reached out to Gaia through a connection she established with the wildlife and with the help of her powerful ancestors. Her goal was to help local animals and plants, as she wanted nothing more than to heal and protect them. That was her focus and mission in life.

One day, the four women met at their usual spot, each sitting in a direction that represented one of the four basic elements. Together, they decided that it would be useful to have a fifth element or a fifth a member in their group, such that is truly powerful and connected to the source. Therefore, one of the women visited Nakishka and persuaded her to meet with them.

Nakishka had never before met any other human being except for her parents and spirits, but since the woman seemed genuine at first, she didn’t even ask for advice from her ancestors and went along. She joined the secret meeting, and over time, she became a part of their rituals. They usually seated her in the centre, as she was the source of divine communication to them. However, Nakishka soon figured out that the phantom goddess they prayed to wasn’t a force for good and neither were the rituals that they performed. She finally asked for help from her ancestors, and received the following message:

Only if you wish good things for others shall good things happen to you. Beware! A great battle is on the horizon, people will need much help and support. The enemy is filled with ire, and in just five weeks he shall bring his sword of fire.

Nakishka told the women about the fearful prophecy. They were stunned and believed her. They even decided to not pray to their phantom goddess anymore, and put their faith in Nakishka instead. She didn’t feel right about it, yet felt the need to help them. The message of the upcoming battle was very troubling to them all, and so two of the women decided to warn the local commander.

The commander confirmed that his spies had seen an army of the terrifying Huns marching in their direction and that indeed his troops were preparing to fight in about five weeks. He was sceptical of the women at first, but since he needed help in defeating the enemy, he began to take their advice. At first, the women meant well, but they eventually became blinded by the commander’s charms and became competitive with one another. They even asked for Nakishka’s guidance in this regard, and each of them asked if they had a chance with him. Nakishka received the following message:

Don’t underestimate the unity of masculine and feminine energy. It brings about great power and victory. Find it within yourselves and a miracle shall happen!

Nakishka understood the message on a symbolic, archetypal level, and told the women that it probably represented the balance between their inner dualities, but the women interpreted it otherwise. They thought Nakishka was naive and unworldly, and concluded that if they all became the commander’s lovers they would unite the feminine and masculine principles. They blindly believed that it would bring about such a great power that it would assure victory in the battle. 

The commander wasn’t opposed to the idea himself. He thought that it wouldn’t hurt him to try it, so he became intimate with the four women during the weeks of the battle preparations. Meanwhile, each woman was competing for his affection. Each one hoped that she would become the true love of his life. The whole time, Nakishka had no idea of their plan. They didn’t share it with her and only returned for more guidance until the initial goodwill turned into a sick game.

The women paid their visits to the commander regularly, and to their surprise, the commander truly began to feel empowered. He didn’t know whether it was the magic of the sensual power or not, but he gained more confidence and trusted in himself that he could win the battle. That is why after his army was defeated, and most surrounding towns and villages annihilated, his spirit broke. He sent the women away in fury, claiming they were wicked witches who only tricked him into losing.

The devastated, heartbroken women went to confront Nakishka, who was grieving because her parents had died in the assault and didn’t have the strength to reason with them. The women ended up beating her to death and later buried her beneath the limestone cave. They then made it their home instead, and so it came to pass that the four beautiful, but bitter and vile women became the real dark witches of the area. They cast curses and hexes on the locals just to satisfy their painful thirst for revenge.
The commander meanwhile travelled to the southern lands, in a quest for a new, better life.