Hi and welcome to my website, 

I'm an author, publisher, and researcher of ancient Norse and Celtic mythology, sacred geometry, ancient symbols and runes. I find inspiration in nature but also during my journeys into parallel realms and my spiritual homes. 
I live in the Czech countryside near Prague with my husband and our animal and tree friends.


Born Iva Stojakova, 1984, Prague, Bohemia


FAMU International, B.A. Screenwriting
London South Bank University, M.A. Creative Writing


2014 The Witch Within

2014 Manifested (aka My Melancholic Diary)

2015 The Merkaba Mystery

2017 Alchemist Awakening

2018 Sacred Geometry and Magical Symbols

2019 Francois Villon

2020 Runes: Magical Codes of Nature

2020 The Goddess Within 

(published by Infinite Light Publishing)

2020 Tree Magic

2021 Supercharged Symbols

2022 Fairy Mysteries 

(published by Infinite Light Publishing)

2022 Sacred Geometry Symbols

2023 Posvátná geometrie a magické symboly 

(Czech version of Sacred Geometry and Magical Symbols)

2023 Brides of the Gods

2024 Detektivové z Vílí říše 

(Czech version of Fairy Mysteries)


2020 Reader’s Favorite, Gold for The Goddess Within

2021 Global Book Awards, Bronze for Alchemist Awakening


Several appearances on “Wisdom of the Ages” podcast on the SuperPowerUp, network with 2.6 million listeners in 2020.

Guest Speaker at Ariel Policano's youtube channel

Guest speaker at "Rich Queen Manifesting Series" show of Adora Evans

Guest speaker at "Making Miracles Happen" show of Adrian Blackwell

Guest speaker at "Valentine's Special" show of Adrian Blackwell

Guest Speaker at Sonney V's "Lavish Abundance" online show

Guest Speaker at Simone Hodgins' online show

Appeared on Chaos and Light podcast

Appeared on Everything Imaginable podcast


2003-2005 Film production work for Cinema Studies and FAMU International, Prague (2003-2005)

2005-2006 Directing, screenwriting, costume and production design for various short films and documentaries, Axman Production, Prague 

2007 Screenwriting work for Nova TV 

2008-2010 English teacher at Karlov College, Prague 

2010-2018 Screenwriter, script doctor, and translator at Axman Production 

2021-2022 Lectures on Runes and Sacred Geometry at N/W University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwest Switzerland 


2013 Witch / short film – director & screenplay (a part of the final Masters' project for LSBU, London)

2013 Men in Stars/ season one, screenplays (Axman Production, CZ)

2011 Café Louvre / feature screenplay (Axman Production, CZ)

2008 Pawns / feature screenplay (Axman Production, CZ)

2004 Fashion Statement / short film - director & screenplay (Axman Production, CZ)