Art by Ivana Axman.


        Have you been feeling overly sensitive, emotional or melancholic? Then the Priestess of the Water Element can be of great assistance. She can help you to embrace your sensitivity instead of struggling against it.

        Heightened sensitivity is natural to the most intuitive and insightful people. The wisdom of this priestess is to cherish these various feelings and emotions with modesty, and be aware not to drown in them.

Try to take a closer look at anything that makes you overly emotional. Perhaps there is a hidden message that you need to figure out.
Since they are usually also empathetic, highly sensitive people tend to attract people or situations that drain them. Subsequently, they then drain themselves with unnecessary worries or deep empathies.
The Priestess of the Water Element warns you about taking on other people’s trouble, trauma, stress or worry. Trust that they are capable of dealing with their situation or emotions themselves, and focus on yourself instead.

        During this sensitive time, try working with colours such as blue, green and turquoise, and with symbols such as the spirals, triangle pointing down, Vesica Piscis or rune Laguz.

The deities who help highly sensitive people are the archangels Haniel, Chamuel and Raphael, the goddesses Coventina, Guan Yin or Aphrodite, and many more.


       Ideally, perform this ritual when the moon is in a water sign such as Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. You’ll need a peaceful, quiet location, a pen and two pieces of paper, and anything that represents the water element such as a shell, a beach pebble, a pearl, a glass of water or an aroma lamp. 

       When you are ready, draw one or all of the following symbols (a triangle pointing down, which is the alchemical symbol for the water element, and rune Laguz) on the prepared piece of paper:

        While holding the paper with the inscribed symbols, focus on the object that is to represent the water element, and utter either in your mind or aloud:

“I, (your name), am ready to release and cleanse the following emotions…”

        Name all the emotions that you are willing to cleanse such as your insecurities, anxieties and fears etc. Now try to think of an opposite alternative to the emotions, for example, fear–courage, anxiety–inner peace, worry–optimism, melancholia–gratitude, and so on.

When you are ready, continue uttering:

“I, (your name), am ready to exchange the emotion of (name the troubling emotion) for the emotion of (name the positive alternative).”

         Go on exchanging all the negative emotions for the positive ones. When you are ready, continue uttering:

“I now clear all negative emotions that affect my life.
I am willing to learn from them because I accept that they are helping me to understand my spirit better.
Please, (the name of the deity or deities you want to work with), help me remain focused on my intuition rather than on these negative emotions.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

         Keep the paper with the inscribed symbols with you for as long as you like. You may want to keep it under your pillow at night for a deeper understanding of the source of your troublesome emotions or feelings.