Art by Ivana Axman

Have you been feeling vulnerable, sensitive, tired and in need of protection? No matter what has been trying to dull your sparkle lately, this priestess can boost you up and protect you. She can help you to take action and shield yourself.

If you perform the following ritual frequently, you will begin to notice a powerful change within and without. It will provide you with a powerful metaphysical shield, and the outer forces won’t be able to affect you as much as they used to.

This priestess also brings you the courage to stand up for yourself and your loved ones, and become an intrepid hero/heroine who goes through his/her life bravely, without too much unnecessary focus on the negative, dark side.

Do the shielding ritual whenever you feel the need to protect yourself from negative outer influences, such as fear, criticism, nagging, jealousy, envy, emotional attacks and even curses.

To achieve a powerful shielding, it’s very effective to work with white, blue and purple tones, and symbols such as the Vesica Piscis, the circle, the cross and runes Hagal, Thurisaz and Algiz. The deities with a profound shielding power are archangels Michael and Metatron, gods Ganesh, Thor and Perun, goddesses Guan Yin and Tashi Tseringma, and many others including your spirit guides.


For this ritual, you’ll need a peaceful, quiet place, a candle (ideally white, blue or purple), your personal talisman or a suitable object you keep with you most of the time, a pen and a piece of paper.

Hold the talisman/object with one hand and with the other, draw the following symbols (runes Algiz, Thurisaz and rune Hagal) on the piece of paper:

While holding the paper with the inscribed symbols, close your eyes and imagine the shielding symbols on the area of your heart, one by one.
Then, call upon one or more deity you like to work with and utter either in your mind or aloud:

“I, (your name), call upon you, (the deity or deities you want to work with), and ask you to shield me from all negative influences, people, situations and places. With your assistance, I now inscribe the protective symbols into my aura.
May these powerful protective symbols create a shield of protection around my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.
May the white light cleanse me now.
May the blue and purple light surround me and shield me from darkness and negativity, now and forever.
May my talisman/object be charged with this great protective power as well, and keep all negative people, entities, thoughts and situations away, now and forever.
May I remain strong and have the courage to stand up for myself and my loved ones.
Please, (the deity or deities you want to work with), give me warning signs and messages regarding people, places or situations that I should avoid in the future.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Keep the paper with the inscribed symbols and the talisman/object with you for as long as you like. Place it under your pillow at night as well to achieve an even more powerful protection. Each time you feel some negativity around you, try to draw the symbols on some parts of your body, think of them, imagine yourself standing inside them, or try runic yoga.