Art by Ivana Axman

Have you been longing to attract something into your life? It could be a soulmate, a life-long desire, new work or money.
Or have you already been trying to manifest something, but found yourself surrounded by obstacles, problems or discouragements?

If the first question resonates with you, then the Priestess of Manifestation, along with her magical symbols are here to help you.

If the second question resonates with you, then there might be unseen inner issues that need to be dealt with. There could be an unresolved blockage, which may have caused you to manifest your fears and worries instead of your wishes. If you feel that this is the case for you, you can try the Priestess of Emotional Healing ritual before the Priestess of Manifestation ritual.

In order to manifest something in your life, you may benefit from working with symbols such as the eight-pointed star, the octagon or the octagram, the cross, the square or runes Gebo and Fehu (Fehu is especially good when dealing with financial matters). Additionally, try surrounding yourself with green, brown, golden and yellow tones. The deities who could offer powerful guidance to you in this regard are archangels Michael, Gabriel and Ariel, goddesses Isis or Lakshmi, gods Hermes or Mercury, and many others including your spirit guides.


Ideally, perform this ritual during the new or waxing moon phase. You’ll need a peaceful, quiet place, a pen and a piece of paper.

Firstly, write down what you wish to manifest. Think it through, as this powerful ritual should be taken seriously. Below the text, draw the eight-pointed star on the prepared piece of paper:


If you wish to manifest money or success, then also draw rune Fehu:

If you wish to manifest a relationship, then also draw rune Gebo:

If you wish to manifest a new home, then also draw rune Othala:

While holding the paper with your wish(es) and symbols inscribed, utter either in your mind or aloud:

“I, (your name), call upon you, (the name of the deity or deities you want to work with), and ask you to please help me manifest the following (read what you have noted down):
If it is for the highest good of my self and all those who are involved, may this wish come true as soon as possible. May my mind remain open to any messages, signals or signs regarding the realisation of these wishes (or dreams, affirmations etc).
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Keep the paper with the wishes and inscribed symbols by your side for as long as you like. You may place it under your pillow before you go to sleep for further signs and prophecies regarding this manifestation.