How magic symbols have been used and misused:

I have been noticing that the more people are interested in the magic symbols the more fear it stirs. Some are not sure whether these symbols are safe to use. The truth is that many of them were defiled by certain cults, religions, and political parties. Many negative agendas misused some of the most crucial ancient symbols. Take the Nazi’s and the Swastika, for example, or the satanic and the reverted pentagram. 

It’s almost as if these groups wanted us to associate these symbols with evil and fear them as opposed to discovering their true essence and magical power.

Symbols are a language of nature. They originated in geometrical patterns, which make up space around and within us. These geometrical patterns are inherently neutral, but like everything else in this world, they succumb to duality. Therefore, depending on the intention, they may be used for creation or destruction. It’s like with the elements: They nurture life but may also wipe it out. Just like a knife can be used to cut a slice of bread or kill, a symbol can be used to do good or bad.

It is up to anyone to make their own opinion of the nature of symbols, but no matter how they have been used or misused, they probably possess a great power otherwise they would not be subjects of such manipulation. History teaches us that people are able to misuse anything. Even the purest thoughts, philosophies, or arts have been exploited. The good news is that the magic law: What comes around goes around makes sure that no ill deed goes unpunished. It’s my belief that if we use these symbols to support life, love, and peace, they can only heal and empower us on our spiritual paths.

Here are some of the symbols that have been used and misused throughout our history. Note that the more ancient the meaning the more positive it tends to be:


This ancient alphabet of the Vikings, which has its origin in the Etruscan and Germanic alphabets, has originally been used for divination, healing, and as a way to communicate with nature. However, Nazis used many of the runes in their symbolism. This is mainly the case of the sun rune Sowilo.

Sun Cross

The sun cross (swastika) has been used by various ancient cultures as a symbol of the sun, vitality, and power. It was used to heal and create harmony, but was reversed and misused by the Nazis who turned it into a symbol of destruction and hate. However, like with anyone who succumbs to the black magic they were finally hit by the repercussions.


Throughout ancient history, the serpent symbolism has been linked with the power of nature and the goddess archetype as well as the Kundalini energy located at the base of the spine. It has also been connected with the DNA double helix and the creation myth. However, with time the serpent became a symbol of the devil and thus misused by various satanic cults from then on.


Various types of crosses have been depicted since the Palaeolithic period as a symbol of the worldly directions and seasonal cycles. It has also been associated with the Tree of Life or the Cosmic Tree. Overall, it was meant to represent life, however, during the ancient Persian and later Roman times, it was misused in a torture method called the crucifixion, and therefore turned into a symbol of death.


The triangle has been used by various ancient civilisations as a symbol of a harmonious union. It represents the coalescence of the masculine, feminine and child archetypes or the past, present, and future. It has been used in Christianity as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. However, the triangle became an ideogram of certain negative agendas and cults, especially in the association with the eye symbolism.


The eye has been recognised as a symbol of awakening, the third eye, insights, visions, and intuition. It has been used in various ancient civilisations to actually repel the so-called evil eye or curses, and in Christian iconography, it’s a representation of God’s all-seeing eye. That’s why it’s almost surreal that it was later misused by some negative agendas and cults as a symbol of a latent, controlling power that spies on everyone. 


Like the hexagram, a pentagram is one of the most protective ancient seals. It has been associated with the five senses, the five basic elements, and the creation of life. Pentagram and pentagon are the building blocks of the Universe and our material world and are in a 
perfect golden ratio (a divine proportion that nature follows to create). However, the pentagram, mainly its reversed version, has been misused by some satanic cults. It was supposed to represent the horned deity or the devil, but since when are horns inherently evil? Many animals such as goats or rams were demonised due to this peculiar symbolism, though in the more ancient past, horned deities such as Cernunnos, Faun, or Pan represented wilderness and fertility. Moreover, a red, five-pointed star has been used to represent Communism.


The original hexagram is the ancient Hindu symbol called Shatkona, which represents the harmonious unity of the masculine and feminine principles in nature. It has been used as a protective seal that repels evil and restores harmony. Like pentagram and pentagon, hexagram and hexagon are the basic shapes of matter. They can be observed in the formation of the atoms or DNA, but also in the movement of stars and planets. However, the shape also been misused by some negative agendas and cults as a symbol of control and manipulation.