Art by Ivana Axman

     The Priestess of Karma can help you understand and release blockages from your past life, which may be influencing your current life. 
     The signs of being stuck on a Wheel of Karma include repetitive events in your life, attraction to similar people or partnerships, recurring situations or irrational fears. If you feel that is your case then it’s time to face it, cleanse it away and free yourself of its burden.

     To balance and heal your karma, you may find it beneficial to work with a double square or any kind of cross symbol, with octagonal shapes, or runes such as Perthro and Hagalaz. The deities who help release and cleanse karma are archangels Michael, Raphael and Haniel, Buddha, the god Vishnu, the goddesses Hekate, Guan Yin, Arianrhod, and many more.


     For this ritual, you will need a peaceful, quiet place, an open heart and mind, and the willingness to forgive yourself or others. You will also need a pen and a piece of paper.

Firstly, draw one or all of the following symbols (the Wheel of Fortune variations and rune Perthro) on the prepared piece of paper:

While holding the paper in your hands, utter either in your mind or aloud:

“I, (your name), call upon you, (the name of the deity or deities you want to work with), now.
Please help me cleanse my karma and release all past pain, regret or bitterness in exchange for peace and joy.
I renounce and release all possible curses that have been cast on me or on my loved ones.
I renounce and release all possible curses that I have cast myself. I cleanse their energies into the past and into the future, in the power of the now.
I accept all the shadows or fragments of my personalities that stem from my previous lives.
I may not agree with them, but I accept them.
I forgive myself in the past, in the future and in the now.
I let go of all negativity related to my past lives.
I let go of all regrets related to my past lives.
I let go of all jealousy related to my past lives.
I let go of all pain related to my past lives.
I let go of all promises related to my past lives.
I let go of all fears and anxieties related to my past lives.
I welcome the new with an open heart and mind.
I am willing to forgive myself as well as others without necessarily knowing the reasons for the forgiveness.
I let go of all grudges, now and forever.
Now I may live freely and follow my higher self’s true purpose.
Please, (the name of the deity or deities you are working with), keep cleansing my karma and all possible curses away.
Let me realise whatever I need to in order to understand it, release it and move on.
I decide now that I am no longer a slave of my own karma or someone else’s. I shall live in peace, now and forever.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

     Keep the paper with the karma cleansing symbols with you for as long as you like. Keep it under your pillow for dreams which may help you solve certain karma issues.

If family karma issues have opened up to you over the past few days, you may want to try the Priestess of Ancestry ritual as well.