Runes communicate with us in nature and this is how the best spontaneous runic divination happens - during walks in forests, parks, fields, or meadows. Here are some examples of runes spotted in a natural environment:

Rune Algiz in a tree branch.

Runes Sowilo and Mannaz in a field (from left).

Rune Sowilo in a field (and notice the tiny rune Raidho in the left corner above).

Rune Thurisaz in a stone.

Rune Algiz can often be seen in tree trunks.

Rune Algiz can also be seen in leaves.

Some more sights of rune Algiz in tree trunks (above and below).

Rune Ansuz in stone.

Double rune Algiz in a tree branch.

Rune Mannaz in grass stalks.

Rune Ehwaz in a field.

Rune Ehwaz in tree roots.

Rune Eihwaz in straw.

Rune Fehu on a country road.

Rune Fehu in a tree. 

Another rune Fehu in a tree.

Rune Gebo in a field.

Rune Wunjo spotted in a meadow.

Rune Kenaz in a forest.

Rune Othala in tree bark.

Rune Raidho in a forest.

Runes Berkano, Kenaz, and Gebo in tree branches (from left).

Rune Thurisaz in a forest.

Rune Uruz in a forest.

Rune Uruz in a branch.

Rune Uruz in a forest.

More about this kind of natural runic divination can be found in my book:

Runes: Magical Codes of Nature.