Art by Ivana Axman

Have you been thinking recently that time is your enemy? Are you concerned about something from your past or worried about the future? The Priestess of Time can help you to focus on the present moment. You will find all that you need in the here and the now, including the key to heal your past or bless your future.
The wisdom of this priestess is trying to guide you to the centre, your heart, the place from which the eternity spirals.
She also helps you to remain positive and to trust time. By trusting time, she means trusting that everything comes to you at the right time, when you are ready for it. 

You may be worried about time passing by too fast, and you may have a feeling that you cannot achieve what you would like to in the limited time you have. However, the Priestess of Time knows that the time we are given is all the time we need, and acts accordingly. Try to remain the ruler of your time, instead of letting the time rule you.

Symbols that can help us to concentrate on the within in order to heal the past and the future are the circles, the figure-of-eight, and all kinds of spiral shapes and symbols, which remind us of eternal possibilities.

Deities who can be of great assistance regarding time are archangels Michael, and Gabriel, gods Hermes, Aion and Ganesh, and the goddess Hemsut. As for colours, you may find it beneficial to work with indigo, violet, purple or white hues.


For this ritual, you’ll need a peaceful, quiet location, a pen and a piece of paper. Firstly, draw the following figure-of-eight symbol on the paper:

While holding the paper with the inscribed symbol, close your eyes, and imagine it expanding out from your heart and surrounding you with its mighty power. You may imagine it vertically, horizontally or both, and while doing so, utter either in your mind or aloud:

“I, (your name), call upon you, (the name of the deity or deities you want to work with), and ask you to centre me in the here and the now.
I kindly ask you to help me open my heart and heal my past now.
Thank you.”

Focus on the possible issues or experiences that bind you to your past. Let them flow through your mind naturally. Don’t judge them or try to gain control over them.
Once you feel as if everything you needed to heal from your past has come up to the light, continue uttering:

“I am ready to lift all the burdens of my past now.
What has happened has happened, what was said was said. I trust that everything happened for a reason, and can be altered or changed in the power of the now.”

If there’s a situation that you would have liked to experience differently, try to imagine yourself in that situation again. You can’t control what others did, only what you could have done differently. Firstly, try to recall what you had experienced before the situation occurred – why did you react a certain way? Try to have compassion for yourself and forgive yourself if necessary.

Then, imagine that you lived a different version of this situation, and in this scenario, you did things the way you would have wanted. Enjoy reliving the moment in a way you would have wanted it to be instead of how it happened.
When you are ready, continue with the ritual:

“I am ready to create a wonderful future for myself now. I am ready to remain open-minded, open-hearted and optimistic, yet ready to confront whatever is to come with an understanding of its underlying purpose.”

Now imagine how you would like your future to be. Paint it for yourself with all the glitter you can imagine. Is there something in your future that worries you? Imagine the future scenario in a way that is desirable to you and the others involved. Enjoy living your best-case scenarios in your mind. When you are ready, continue uttering:

“I am ready to live in the present moment, in the here and the now. I am ready to dream my past and my future yet stay grounded in the eternal spiral of life.”

Then, try to feel the words you have uttered instead of just saying them. Feel the power of the present moment. Feel the energy around you and within you. Welcome all the feelings and emotions running through you like cascades of purifying water. If necessary, imagine more situations that worry you in their best-case scenarios. When ready, complete the ritual by uttering:

“Please, (the name of the deity or deities you want to work with), help me understand time. Help me embrace my past, future and present. Keep guiding me to the appreciation of the here and the now and help me to trust time.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Keep the paper with the figure-of-eight symbol with you for as long as you like. Keep it under your pillow at night for insightful dreams regarding time, and your past, present or future.