Art by Ivana Axman.

      Have you been feeling disconnected from your inner guidance? The Priestess of Subconscious helps you when your soul is trying to transmit some important information or establish better communication with you. Deep within, you know the answers to all your questions and concerns. You only need to attune to your innermost self, which can be very difficult for most of us.

      The Priestess of Subconscious may also help you appreciate your spiritual gifts such as your intuition, the inner seeing and hearing. You may or may not be aware of the ability or abilities, but practicing it as often as possible makes you more attuned to it. In other words, you’ll eventually gain a better access to your ‘inner library’, as well as the so-called Akashic records, the universal library of all human experience.

      Symbols of the moon, spirals and pentagrams, and colours such as blue, indigo, violet, purple or white can help you deepen your intuition and spiritual gifts. 

Deities who help you retrieve important messages from your subconscious and bring them to the surface are goddesses Persephone, Hekate, Arianrhod, Rhiannon, the ascended master Merlin, archangels Haniel, Michael, Metatron and Gabriel, and many more including your spirit guides. 


     For this ritual, seek a quiet place and solitude. You need to have enough peace to concentrate on the messages from your subconscious.

You will also need a piece of paper and a pen, and any stone, ideally a quartz crystal, lapis lazuli or an amethyst.

     Try to put your worries, anxieties or overthinking to rest during this ritual. When you begin to feel relaxed, pronounce either in your mind or aloud:

“Please, (the name of the deity or deities you want to work with), help me cleanse my body, mind and spirit of all negative influences, energies, entities and thought-forms. Please cleanse me completely now so that I may receive guidance from my subconscious.”

     Now wait for a moment, and let the deity/deities help you with your inner cleansing. You may feel odd sensations in your body such as tingling, waves of soothing, cool air or warmth.

Then, focus within and pay attention to any feelings, emotions, thoughts or visions that you may receive.

     You may also hear someone speak through your mind – that might be the deities or your spirit guides trying to convey a message.

If the voices speak any fear-based or negative things, ask for protection once again, and start the ritual anew. Sometimes negative energies or thought-forms may try to hold us back from receiving inner guidance.

     During or after the ritual, note down all your impressions and thoughts, even things you may consider unnecessary. Then, utter a final:

“Thank you, (the name of the deity or deities you want to work with), for this assistance. Please keep giving me signs and messages about how best to receive messages from my subconscious.”

     Repeat this ritual before you go to sleep. If you haven’t had any insights before, your subconscious will most likely communicate to your mind via dreams. Let’s hope you remember them, and if you do, note them down. Every part of the dream could be an important archetype, so don’t leave anything out. Even seemingly simple, foolish things may deliver an important message.